Takeover International!

The world’s quickest theatre festival is being taken over- again, but this time, we’ve gone… INTERNATIONAL! Join us for 4 plays written by Young writers in Leicester, Wolverhampton and Seattle!!!!

As part of The Spark Arts for children festival, 14/48 UK are giving 32 young writers the opportunity to create 4 short plays with the help of a team of professional writers. Across 3 days (Saturday 19th, Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th May), young writers in Leicester, Wolverhampton and Seattle will have their creative skills stretched and developed through a series of fun exercises and activities. At the end of day 3, the 4 new plays created will be placed into sealed envelopes and selected at random by a team of professional theatre makers in Leicester, Wolverhampton and Seattle, before staging them using the usual time-limited 14/48 process.

1448TO_writing 5In just 10 hours a team of professional directors, actors, designers, musicians and technicians will take the words of our young writers from page to stage, complete with set, costume, props and a live score. Staging our plays for a family-friendly 6:00pm performance on Monday 28th May in each respective city!

All Leicester activity takes place at Leicester’s Y Theatre click here to visit The Y’s website for booking details.

1448TO_performance 38All Wolverhampton activity takes place at the Arena Theatre click here to visit the Arena’s website for booking details.

Seattle activity will be produced by the founders of the 14/48 festival, The 14/48 Projects.