14/48 Interview with… Michael Southan!

2015-11-21 15.44.48One of our brave writers persevering on through the lack of sleep!

Have you been involved in 14/48 before?
Yes, I blogged for 14/48 Wolverhampton in June!

What are you doing for this 14/48 festival?
I’m writing.

What’s your experience been like so far?
Really good. Seeing the process from the start transform into a whole show complete with actors and the set and the technical elements is great.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about getting involved next time?
Do it! Absolutely the maddest weekend you’ll ever have. It’s really nice to work with the community to achieve something. Relationships and friendships are built so quickly over such a short space of time and for me, as a writer in the company of so many other writers who have different ways of working, it really influences and helps you become better.

Would you rather talk like Jar Jar Binks or look like Jar Jar Binks?
Definitely talk.

If you had to describe your 14/48 experience so far in no more than three words, what would it be?
Insane, creative and sleepless.

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