A Last Message

I’ve been told there are “requests” to see this. 14/48 Leicester. This is my message to you:


Hang on, let me pester you.
We few came here to Leicester
The Shrewsbury of the East.
We came to feast on our creative juices.
Let us smile, consider what we’ve achieved.
Who’d have believed we’d get two coherent plays directed by Stuart Reid.
Okay, one coherent play.
Okay, we can barely call them plays
but here’s something you need to know before you start
we get special funding for letting him take part.

But let’s say this to all you actors
who beat themselves up after making a mistake
Think about the amazing things you create.
I understand you want it to be perfect.
But as an audience member I loved it.
Every second of it.

There is something you guys have to realise.

It’s not just about the perfect performances.

You know yesterday
when we saw Alison Dunne’s play
and Remi wore a costume too short for him.
Well that character was me.
And I don’t mean I wore a bed sheet
cut so short the ref and 2 linesmen popped from underneath.
All my life. Dave Pitt. Was made to feel like shit.
Voice all wrong.
Commas in the wrong place
To fucking profane
And what is going on with your face.

But the 14/48 community
gave me an opportunity.
I didn’t have to fight
they just let me come and write.
Now, where once I’d crawl,
I fly.
Those thoughts of failure pass me by.

And I know I’m not the only one.

This process of making plays
is changing lives for the better in so many ways.

So even when mistakes are made
you’ve changed lives for the better.
When perfection isn’t your grade
you’ve changed lives for the better.
When you think you’ve tripped
you haven’t. You’ve changed lives for the better.
And even if your lines have slipped
you’ve changed lives for the better.

And that leaves me to say
everyone one of you
to a person
is absolutely fucking awesome.

And I don’t mean to break this spell
but the blog was quite good as well.


Thank you 14/48.


Dave Pitt
7th May 2017. 11:13

from Blog – 14/48 Leicester http://ift.tt/2qPwZsw