A weight-bearing rope swing.

So this is Veteran Director/Virgin Blogger/Patron Saint Of The Y Theatre and Christer Award Winning Artist Charlotte Bond, checking in after the #14/48:Takeover meeting.

I have my script in my sticky little mitts and no one will be reading it until 7:45am tomorrow… Yes, you heard me. We have to be at The Y for 7:45am. A.M!

Carefully crafted by young people, the scripts have been formulated over the last week in a series of workshops with some rather spiffing writers. (One of whom had a Sold-Out show at Curve!)

Mine is dark, cryptic, mysterious and features a rope swing… I can’t tell you who is in it yet, as I get my actors at 8am tomorrow… But I can promise it will be darker than a bar of Bournville. Not sure about The Pixies for a soundtrack at this stage though…

The meeting was just as good as any we’ve ever had, although there are quite a few people in debt to the Swear Jar.. here are the scores so far:

M.J Bamford 12

Alison 1

Claire 1

Pedkins 1

Shockingly.. Bobble – 2!

And even more shockingly.. Daisy with just 1?!

Now, the swearing isn’t the only thing that’s had to go for this family version of our beloved festival..

Also #TheKeg. 🙁

We *did* have a Pinãta but Doug Deans soon “fixed” that. And by “fixed” I mean.. killed. Smashed it not just out of the park but also out of LE1.


So a happy bunch of people scraped up the Haribo from the floor and left The Y with a slightly more informed insight into what to expect for tomorrow.. But with only four design crew and at least one play set In Space!! They will have the hardest job of all tomorrow..

Well, that and Martyn Pole trying to get me a rope swing… A weight-bearing rope swing… #SweetSmile #PuppyDogEyes #ItIsIntegralToThePiece #SureICanDoWithoutIt #BarkWithTheBigDogs!

And after missing the last one, it sure is good to be home!

Love from Charlotte x

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