Directors have their plays…. the sparks are flying!

So our 7 plays on the theme of ‘Fireworks’ all made it safely in for our 8am deadline, and our directors now have their randomly selected scripts in hand. There is a copious amount of note-scribbling going on, as our directors try to pull out every morcel of detail from the page… deciding how much they’re going to need to call on the band or the design team to create the vision of the play forming in their minds.

Any fireworks in the room?… It’s all quite casual so far to be honest… we even had 5 of our directors strolling in just after the 9am call time…. What’s wrong with them?!? 

Thinks are starting to heat up a little though… veteran director Paul Rogers is walking through his blocking alongside veteran writer Louis Singleton… Looks like he’s considering some kind of Matrix-esque bullet time sequence…

 Overheard so far:

“If I chop anything, it’s not going to be a lot…”

“Somebody’s playing a Catherine Wheel…”

“I’ve already told the door, the mirror and my overnight bag to f*** off this morning…”

“I just want some actors now!” 

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