From ‘Irritable Owl Syndrome’ to a Rapping Goblin : 24 Hours of 14/48 Madness

If someone told me I couldn’t participate in 14/48, it would be akin to finding out I’ve got an incurable disease, or was actually born a man.

14/48 is the home of absolute sleep-deprived madness, with tantrums, myriad insane props and bits of script that YOU JUST CAN’T GET INTO YOUR HEAD.

But would I change it? You bet.

Joking. I wouldn’t change a single thing.

This Saturday, being the first ever 14/48 Takeover – four new plays from a bunch of writers all aged between 8 and 13 – was no exception (and to my rather patronising surprise, there wasn’t a single whiff of ‘Frozen’ / One Direction about any of it; sorry for that, kids).

Without quoting every script word for word, I can’t tell you exactly what wonderfulness graced the stage of The Y Theatre, but I can give you a brief run-down of my favourite moments and quotes (they won’t mean much if you weren’t there, but you know what? YOU WEREN’T THERE so that’s your fault):

– Martyn Pole (the God-like technician) and his ‘Irritable Owl Syndrome’ (see picture below, in which Martyn prances around the theatre with an irritable-looking owl).


– “But dad promised me he’d stopped looking at the occult!” Sheer genius.

– A rapping goblin (“Have you ever seen a rapping goblin? Well, there’s always a first time.”)

– Martyn (again) testing out a rope swing.

– Douglas Deans’ short shorts. So, so wrong.

– Anthony Morgan’s maniacal laugh.

I could literally fill an entire website with the stuff that made laugh in the last 24 hours, but who’s going to read that? Suffice to say that this weekend has been utterly fab. Congratulations, guys – especially the writers. You’ve done yourselves proud.

Hurrah for 14/48. Long may it continue 🙂

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