Kirsty Mealing – Director

MealingWhat’s better than having a 14/48 script to direct? Having 2 14/48 scripts to direct. This is what happened to Kirsty Mealing on the first day as writer Matt Beames submitted 2 scripts.

Just before the first performance on Friday night we caught up with Mealing to see what it’s like to have a choice of two scripts. But first we find out how things have gone.

“It’s gone really well…” Then as an aside she says, “it’s scary.” This is a stark opposite to Hannah Torrance who felt directing was easier. Mealing is a veteran actor at 14/48 but for this festival she was a virgin director. It turns out her biggest concern was about the technical aspects. “I’m so used to being on the acting side where you don’t have to think much about it.” She has gone from standing in the light to deciding where the lights shine.

But what about having to choose between 2 scripts. Probably the first time a 14/48 director has done this. “Tonight’s play is about three women who have woken up after a heavy night. The other one was post-apocalyptic and medieveal feel to it. I think this is because Beamsey writes so well in that language. He’s very poetic.” It turns out this other script was the easier one because it would have been very minimal. So why would Mealing choose a more difficult script?

“A challenge but also it’s something we’ve not seen Beamsey to do as much. And I think he was particularly eager to show the full range of what he can do. I know he can do it and I kind of want it for me because either way it’s going to be cool and a nice challenge. But also I think it’s good for the audience to see a different side to Beamsey.”

This charitable nature sums up 14/48 and the people who take part. You can’t help but well up a little when you hear such things.

from Blog – 14/48 Leicester