Lighting the touch paper….

Our plays are reacing that crucial stage. It’s Saturday tech time, everyone’s tired, having been in festival mode for around 40+ hours now… Actors particularly might be starting to flag, having performed twice last night, and spending the last 6 hours rehearsing a new play, cramming new lines into their brains, and wanting to up the ante on the first day’s experience.

It’s the danger zone… the adrenaline is running low, the fatigue is running high, and you’re in desperate need of that final push to the Saturday 8pm performance, and the buzz created by that live experience.

Here at 14/48, we offer some simple advice: “If you’re feeling tired… Raise the m******f***ing stakes!”

I’m currently witnessing this in action in rehearsals for play 6, The Fire Queen, as actor James Kerr is going ‘full goblin’, treading the fine line between raising the stakes, and preserving his physical health for the performances this evening. I personally am starting to worry for the safety of his trousers…

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