More Rehearsals

2nd Rehearsal.pngThrough another maze of corridors in the Y is The Percy Barratt room. Inside, chairs are assembled to represent a life raft. Georgia Penney, Perdita Lawton and Samantha Hobson sit inside this makeshift dinghy. Alex Turner (Not that one) stands to the side. They run through the script. It’s apparent they are lines from the script but also improvised ideas. All done with the blessing of writer, Michael Southan.

Already the actors are able to knock through sections without looking at the lines. There is an occasional glance at lines and the odd fumble. But this is 8 hours from show time. They’ll be fine.

After the run through they talk about ideas for opening and closing songs. It’s amazing to watch as these ideas pop up and get added to. The room fills with laughter.

It is wonderful to see creatives set free. It might be a tight schedule but it seems to open people up as opposed to close them down.

Director Stuart Reid, issues some final instructions about what to work on and then disappears to talk to the band.

I follow. The band… Of course… Let’s see the Band.

Dave Pitt.
5th May 2017. 12:20

from Blog – 14/48 Leicester