14/48 Leicester is getting closer. We’re a day away from the first all company meeting.

The panic has set in.

Not a panic because I have a mission critical job which I feel I can’t do. The panic I’ve forgotten something or, more importantly, got something wrong. I did book the hotel for the right days, didn’t I? I did book the train ticket for the right place and destination, didn’t I? Crikey, I did book the right hotel, didn’t I?

I’m also going over words and phrases in my head. I don’t want the blog to be a constant stream of me saying, “This is {insert name here} and they are fucking awesome.” The trouble is the people I know doing the festival are fucking awesome and it’s difficult to think of new ways to say “fucking awesome” when you want to be both accurate and equal across the board.

There is also the fear of my own strange and individual humour. Some of you may think Neil Reading keeps bees, Liam Thornton’s real name is Greg or Pove reads Maeve Binchy novels. These are all little white lies I started to amuse myself and twist a conversational carriage off the tracks. There is no rhyme or reason to it and I give little thought to what I’m going to say until I’ve said it. From Thursday to Sunday I have a blog, an audience and a self imposed word count. It’s safe to say, I can’t be trusted.

I want to do 14/48 Leicester proud. I might just be blogging but I want to create a blog which is informative, entertaining and something else to complete the three part list.

So yes, I’m panicking. But I’ve checked and the hotel is right. The train ticket is right. I know words and I’ll put something like “at least one fact in this post is made up.”

It’ll be fine… But I’m still panicking. The thing is… Those jeans I’m wearing on Thursday… Does my belly look big in them?

Dave Pitt
3rd May 2017. 20:15

from Blog – 14/48 Leicester