Rehearsals #3

When working with creatives it can be difficult to know what’s real and make believe.

So when you see Remi Legache giving James Kerr a head massage while humming gently it’s a good idea to not laugh. At least until you’ve checked they are rehearsing.

Fortunately they were rehearsing.

It’s a good job I found out because seconds later Alex Turner (Not that one) asked, “What should I be doing now?” Director Stuart Reid looked up, “Masturbating furiously.”

The room decends into laughter. Fortunately Alex Turner (Not that one) also realised it was a joke and didn’t get the old chap out. Still, Stuart Reid is directing so who knows what will happen come 8pm tonight. Remember, if you see it in your web browser it’s pornography. If it’s in a theatre… it’s art.

While the upstairs room at The Globe lives in a world of hippy culture across town at The Exchange things are a little different.

I walk in to find a quiet and serious room. There is no humour here. As the rehearsal plays out you can see why. This is creepy. Horrific. The taste of copper fills your mouth as you watch the performances unfold. Just a few seconds of performance leave me thinking about freedom, slavery and humanity. And darkness. Lots of darkness.

If you’re coming to the shows tonight (and why wouldn’t you) prepare for a roller coaster. This is going to be superb.

Dave Pitt
6th May 2017. 12:53

from Blog – 14/48 Leicester