They Even Make East 17 Bearable

BandSitting atop a riser at the side of the stage is the 14/48 band. 6 individuals surrounded by instruments, notebooks and cables. Stuart Reid walks in and asks about the tunes. The band nod and notes are sung. Chords are struck. It’s haphazard while they find the notes then it drops into place. Did this band really come together last night? They seem completely at ease with each other and tight as the skin on Dave’s drum.

It’s not just music. There are also sound effects. They discuss ideas as Will Horspool tats on a electronic gizmo. Dials are twisted and sound effects appear. In Will’s hands the box moves from being a telephone, to an alarm and to a button in a lift. Like the tightness of this thrown together group, the only explanation is witchcraft.

And then, sound effects decided, they burst into song. The vocal harmonies bounce around the room.

They sound beautiful.

East 17 never sounded so good. So good in fact, I don’t feel the need to leave immediately and vomit in a bucket.

It takes a special kind of talent to stop such a natural reaction to an East 17 song.

Dave Pitt.
5th May 2017. 13:15

from Blog – 14/48 Leicester