A Relaxed Design Team

Design Team (Designius Tu Povet) is a lifeform made of many species living co-operatively. They exist to create sets and props for 14/48.

The natural enemy of Designius Tu Povet is Davud Pittus. A writer who deliberately sets plays in strange locations in the hope of forcing Designius Tu Povet into crying salt water tears of despair.

Sadly, Davus Pittus hasn’t written scripts this year and instead is writing these words which are in your face now. This is the only explanation for why the design team are sitting on wing back chairs looking relaxed.

“The directors have asked for a lot of simple and achieveable stuff,” said Pove while giving herself a back rub. “We’ve got a lot of offices and chairs.”

When “A Righteous Quest” was drawn as a theme it must have sent a shiver down their spine. “We’re going to need shields… swords…”

Dora pipes up, “So many people went for office. How did they go from quest to office?”

Daisy offers a theory. The writers have all gone, “anti-cliche”. This makes sense. Writing classes will often say, “Your first idea is what everyone will do. Your second idea is what the smart kids will do. The third idea is what you’ll do.”

So it appears the writers have all gone, “no woodlands, swords or shields” but mostly ended up in “offices”. Maybe the writers are a Gestalt Entity, communicating on some ethereal plain even they are unaware of.

Whatever happened, we have a relaxed design team. Designius Tu Povet sit around, relaxed. Davus Pittus skulks away. The lumbering mass passes writer Michael Southan. “We need a writers’ meeting tonight. That (pointing to a relaxed design team) cannot happen again.”

Dave Pitt (Angry)
5th May 2017. 11:58

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