Rehearsals #1

Rehearsal.pngThe rehearsals for day one have started. Two groups (Play 5 and Play 7) have been assigned the sports hall. This is a journey into the bowels of the Y through a maze of corridors. You can’t help screaming, “HELLO CLEVELAND.”

The two groups sit in circles in the sports hall, their worlds separated by a net. They essentially do table reads of the script. Shaun Hartman, somehow still awake, sits in on his script. He is asked questions and find energy from somewhere to answer them.

Suddenly one side of the sports hall bursts into life. Hannah Torrance has got her actors on their feet. As she collects chairs her actors start doing can can kicks. Part of me hopes the kicks are in the script. Another part hopes they’re just doing it for shits and giggles.

In the other half the actors burst into a rendition of Love Shack and I can’t help but smile.

Then as quickly as the energy rose, it drops again. Highlighters draw across scripts. Small discussions break out. Then people rise. Drop again. A constant ebb and flow of high energy and concentration. As each second ticks over, you feel the performances come together. Like a child has dumped Lego bricks in a huge pile in front of the television. But now is assembling them into a model of a DNA Sequence.

In Torrance’s group two actors burst into an East 17 song. It is time to leave them.

Goodbye Cleveland.

Dave Pitt
5th May 2017. 11:18

from Blog – 14/48 Leicester