Emma Bamford – Actor

On the edge of the stage, swinging her legs, is Emma Bamford. She is dressed as either a bee or a fat wasp.

“Today I am playing a bee.”

That cleared that up then. What character is her bee.


I asked if she is method acting while I look for a man called Frank.

She is not method acting. Frank is not needed.

However, she is falling into some traits of her character.

“I don’t know my lines and I don’t give a shit. By tonight it’s going to be [she gives a wild scream following by a shrug of the shoulders] fuck it.”

As well as learning lines they also have to watch an episode of Eastenders to get the cockney accents they have. Or at least they should be cockney bees.

“We’ve gone a bit Boycey with it to be fair.”

Asking her why she does 14/48 gets the obvious answer.

“It’s fun. It’s interesting and you do stuff you’re never going to do again. In 14/48 I’ve played an elderly woman with a catheter bag which she drinks from. Either in real life or an acting role I don’t think I’m going to do that again.”

She has a point.

Dave Pitt
6th May 2017. 15:35

from Blog – 14/48 Leicester http://ift.tt/2pgKAYS