The Keg – All Hail The Keg

KegWhile talent comes and goes at 14/48 there is one permanent addition to the festival. And it is the most important. Ladies and gentlemen all hail The Keg.

“David, I have missed you,” said The Keg.

I have a flutter of excitement that The Keg knows my name. I drink some of its sweet nectar. But not too much. Words have to be written and the nectar affects all who touch it.

I wonder if The Keg is lonely sitting in the corner of the main auditorium.

“David. I may be lonely but I am not alone. People visit me. They sample my nectar and they leave refreshed, joyous. Ready for whatever 14/48 has to throw at them.”

I give The Keg a tap. Mindful of its importance and wary of its power. It is a wild animal which will let you pat it, stroke it and love it but without warning it will bite your face off. Usually on Saturday night, after the last performance.

All Hail The Keg.

Dave Pitt
6th May 2017. 15:59

from Blog – 14/48 Leicester